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Bacteria… A huge world

Bacterias are prokaryote organism, that means they have not nucleus.

They are the mayority of cell in your body.

We can separate it in Bad and good:

Bad: tuberculosis, lyme disease (bacterial infections)

Good: yogurt, gut

We have a great quantity of bacterias in our body beacause:

1 human cell is 20 bacterias in us.

This is the quantity of human cells and bacterias in our body:

—  10 – 100 trillion human cells

— 200-2000 trillion of bacterias.

The main difference between Eukarya and Bacterias:

How are they?

How they reproduce—by binary fision:

The DNA breaks in two.


This consist of one bacteria pass to another one what the other do not have. So the get stronger:

You can see it in this video.


They kill bacteria

They were discovered by Alexander Fleming

How he discovered them:

1st: He used a Petri dish. He discovered that some kind of bacteria was growing inside.

2nd:Later in one of his petri dishes, in the center was growing a mold, the fungi can not get close to them.

This substance was called PENICILLIN.

Now there are lots of Antibiotics coming from different sources.


Protein syntesis

I’ve made this presentation about Protein Syntesis. I think it will help you.

Thanks for watching


I have found an interesting webpage about genetic that could be useful for you.


  • Deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) is the genetic code which ensures that daughter cells inherit the same characteristics as the parent cells.
  • DNA is the code from which all protein is synthesised
  • All prokaryotic cells and eukaryote ones and some viruses have DNA( eukaryotic cells: in the nucleus, prokaryotic cells in the cytoplasm)
  • All DNA code is composed from four nucleotide bases, Adenine Cytosine, Guanine and Thymine.

Read more:


This is a complet power-point made by me, it can make you understand how DNA is.

DNA by David Suescún

The chain of DNA is a sucesion of proteins that contains the information that characterist us. The DNA contains, for example if we have brown eyes or black hair, and also characterize you, yes the reader, you are also containing a chain of DNA telling your characteristics.

This is a video that show how DNA is press to make Mitosis.




DNA structure

click in the following ling to se the DNA structure