EARTHQUAKES: In Aragón we can find earthquakes in the village of Villar de los Navarros, where an earthquake took place in the year 1707. In Teruel we can find also, and about 5 years ago an earthquake occurs there. In the capital, Zaragoza also happened an earthquake with a magnitude of 4 in the Ritcher scale.

VOLCANOES:  In Aragón we can find the Anayet that is a volcano in the Pyrenees near the frontier with France and near of the volcano of Ossau.


Earthquakes:  In Spain have occurred a lot of earthquakes, but the most famous of all were the one in Lorca (Murcia). This earthquake caused damage to a clock tower and old buildings. The depth was estimated at ~1 kilometer. A tunnel at the A7 road to Andalusia collapsed. The earthquake was also felt in cities as far as Madrid, Cordoba and Valencia.

Volcanoes: in Spain we have a lot of volcanoes, all of them in Canary Islands, that’s why they have volcanic land. Some examples are: Guanapay (Lanzarote), Jacomar (Fuerteventura), Chahorra (Tenerife), Teneguía (La Palma)…



In Africa:  We can find earthquakes like Bourmerdés (Algeria), Kalehe (Democratic Republic of the Congo), the one in Cairo (Egypt), Massawa earthquake (Eritrea)…

In Europe: we can find earthquakes like Dover Straits ( Belgium) , Vrancea earthquake (Bulgaria), Cyprus earthquake( Cyprus), Skane County earthquake ( Denmark), Lambesc earthquake( France)…

In Asia: we can find earthquakes like in Bangladesh, in China, in India, in Indonesia, in Nepal, in South Korea, in Japan, where has occurred an earthquake very recently and in many other places.

In America: we can find earthquakes in Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Uruguay, Venezuela, Greenland, Mexico, Canada, Central America, the Caribbean…

Volcanos: we can find volcanoes in many places around the world, but the 11 more important volcanoes in the world are: Kilimanjaro  (Tanzania), Fuji (Japan), Krakatoa( Indonesia), Popocatepetl(Mexico), Tambora(Sumatra), Kilauea( Hawaii), Vesuvius(Italy), Etna( Italy), St. Helens(Washington), Mauna Loa( Hawaii), Teide(Spain).